Image showing a close up view of the brake rotors of a car

How to Know It Is Time for a Brake Replacement?

6 Signs that Tell You Your Car Needs New Brakes  

Everybody knows that brakes are one of the most critical parts of a vehicle. Not only from a functionality standpoint because they help stop the vehicle, but also from a safety standpoint as they also help avoid obstacles on the roads. So, making sure your vehicle has good brakes with adequate bite and stopping power is crucial before you hit the road, but how do you tell it’s time your vehicle needs a new set of brakes? Porsche of Colorado Springs is sharing with you five crucial signs that tell you your car needs a brake replacement.   

Image showing a mechanic at a service shop working on a car's brakes

1. Squealing or Squeaking noise from the brakes  

If your brake pads are near the end of their lifecycle, one of the first signs you’ll notice is a squeaking or squealing sound when you hit the brakes. These sounds are caused by excessively worn-down brake pads that make a grinding sound due to friction with the rotors, which could also damage your rotors.   

2. Visible wear and tear  

Another way to know if your vehicle needs new brakes is by visual inspection. You can see the condition of your brakes by checking the brake pads from between the wheel’s spokes or alloys. If you notice that the pads are less than a quarter-inch thick, you know it’s time.   

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3. Brake pedal vibration  

If you notice any vibrations on the brake pedal when you apply the brakes, it could be a sign that’s telling you that your vehicle’s braking system needs help. These vibrations can be due to warped or heavily scratched rotors, which also crate uneven brake pad wear, so a rotor replacement may be advised.   

4. Your car pulls to one side when braking  

If you feel like some force is pulling your car to one side while braking, chances are the brake linings are wearing unevenly and need replacement. It could also signify some dirt or foreign particles in the brake fluid, so get the fluid checked, drained, and replaced.   

Image showing a close up of the brake pedal inside a car while a man wearing black shoes steps up the accelerator

5. Warning light/ Brake pad indicator light comes on  

Most modern vehicles have brake warning lights on the dashboard that tell you when you need to pay attention. The brake pad warning light typically comes when your parking brake is engaged, but if you see the brake warning light, even when your parking brake isn’t engaged, it’s time to get some expert help.  

6. It Takes longer to stop the vehicle than usual  

Lastly, and most importantly, the surest sign that tells your vehicle’s brakes are failing is when you start noticing that your vehicle is taking longer to stop than previously.  

Get Brake Replacement Service in Colorado Springs, CO  

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs in your vehicle in Colorado Springs, CO, and need an expert to investigate the issue, get a brake inspection or brake replacement service at Porsche of Colorado Springs. Give us a call or stop by or schedule a service online today! Click here to know the services we offer.