Image showing the box and various Porsche colors inspired ice cream pops from Pretty Cool Ice Creams.

Porsche Celebrated National Ice Cream Day with Limited Edition Ice Cream Pops Inspired by Porsche Paint Colors

Porsche Colors Become Ice Cream Flavors on National Ice Cream Day

You may have seen Porsche sports cars in many cool colors. That’s because Porsche lets its customers choose from more than 160 ‘Paint to Sample’ colors and Paint to Sample Plus custom colors, apart from the traditional color options. But what if you could also eat Porsche-colored or rather “Porsche-flavored” ice creams? Seems absurd? Well, Porsche recently launched limited-edition ice cream pops inspired by Porsche paint colors to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. Intrigued? Keep reading this blog from Porsche Colorado Springs to find out what these colors are and where you can find these ice creams. 

Porsche Colors Become Ice Cream Flavors  

Graphical illustration of all the colors and flavors of the Porsche Pretty Cool Ice Cream Pops.

The limited-edition Porsche ice cream pops were a result of Porsche Cars North America teaming up with Pretty Cool Ice Cream – a Chicago-based handmade ice cream company, to launch five limited-edition ice cream pops on National Ice Cream Day held on July 17 this year.

What’s “pretty cool” about these Porsche ice cream pops is that they are inspired by Porsche paint colors which coincidentally double as ice cream flavors. What’s even cooler is that these five ice cream pops come with eye-catching packaging to match. Check them out. 

  • Mint Green: Green mint cookies and ice cream with a mint green chocolate shell.  
  • Strawberry Red: Cream cheese ice cream dipped in a red strawberry shell made with real freeze-dried strawberries.  
  • Macadamia Metallic: Roasted macadamia ice cream in a sparkling macadamia metallic-colored chocolate shell.  
  • Frozen Berry Metallic: Black raspberry ice cream in a sparkling frozen berry-colored Ruby chocolate shell.   
  • Lime Gold Metallic: Key lime pie ice cream in a sparkling lime gold-colored caramel shell.  

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Fancy A Porsche Ice Cream? Here’s Where You Can Find It

If you’re interested in the Porsche color-inspired ice cream from Pretty Cool Ice Cream, you can grab one at the Pretty Cool Lincoln Park location at 709 West Belden, Chicago. However, if you can’t fly to Chicago for ice cream, then you’d be glad to know that these custom ice cream pops will also be available at select Porsche events later this year.  

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