One grey color Porsche car is parked besides a house

Nine Porsche Carrera GT Rides Along NorCal’s Scenic Backroads

Nine Wonders in Napa

Watching one Carrera GT on a public road is super thrilling. Now, imagine nine Porsche Carrera GTs, all together on the road. Sounds crazy? Yes, it has happened, resulting in one of the largest gatherings of the legendary Porsche Carrera GT(CGT). It culminated in a beautiful partnership between Marqued and Jimmy Prountzos of Junipero Serra Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and Luxury Rally Club. The goal was to experience one of the most excellent sports ever made by pouncing on Northern California’s picturesque backroads during its inaugural Carrera GT Rally. Keep reading this blog by the Porsche of Colorado Springs dealership in Colorado Springs, CO, to learn more about this event.

A Closer Look into the Carrera GT Rally

The rally mainly focussed on the driving roads in Napa and included multi-day drives venturing through technical switchbacks and open sweepers that put the CGT through its paces in various driving scenarios. The hills got a new burst of energy and became alive with the sound of music. It was fascinating to witness the art of 90 cylinders and 5,427 horsepower thundering through the mountain passes.

There were a lot of pit stops ranging from the Marshall Store Oyster Shack to the reputed culinary expert, French Laundry. The representatives from Porsche Classic were the surprise guests and joined the traveling group for the Thomas Keller-helmed dinner. The passers-by could not stop drooling over the impressive Carrera GTs at the parking lots of each stop.

There is a reason why the CGT is so admired. It is thoughtfully loaded with the unmistakable V10 soundtrack paired with a trusty six-speed manual transmission which is rare to find. The Carrera GT hails from an era that demanded the best from its companion behind the wheel.

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Two black Porsche cars are parked side by side in different angles.
One red color Porsche car is running on the road.

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